the taxi project

Taxi Faces

And so it begins.  The Taxi Project (working title) gets underway.

Over the next 6 months or so, I’ll be interviewing people who drive taxis for a living, their friends and family members, taxi commuters and other people who come into contact with taxis.  My aim is to collect stories, opinions, points of view, pictures, sounds, words, emotions, and hopefully, end up with a complete mess of recorded experiences.

If things work out as I hope they will, a thread of truth will miraculously emerge that will then form the basis for a theatre performance that will be illuminating, or at the very least, entertaining.

This project is supported by the Substation Directors’ Lab and the National Arts Council for whom I am very grateful for providing this support framework to work within, as I embark on this exciting and very scary journey.

So… for a start, I’m collecting questions that, if you could pose to a person who drives a taxi for a living, you would.  I’ve set up a survey form HERE.

Alternatively, if you’d like to be interviewed as part of this project, or a close friend of yours, a relative or immediate family member drives a taxi for a living, part-time, full-time, long time or short-time, or someone you know has an interesting taxi story to share, please send an email to or leave me a comment below.

And don’t worry if they don’t speak English.  I may be effectively monolingual but thankfully I have friends who aren’t.

Here’s to sharing stories and experiences, and hopefully learning something from them.


One comment on “the taxi project

  1. Dania says:

    Hey Tim, I chanced upon your profile on the Directors’ Lab website and really related to your work and your experience. I, too, am hoping to make a quarter-life switch to performing arts but so far, it’s been an uphill battle because of my lack of formal training and credentials. At some point in the future, I also hope to be able to use performing arts to engage at-risk youth, as you did at Assumption. If it is possible (and not too much trouble), could you share your journey and experience in making that career switch? I can be contacted via the email I provided. Any advice is greatly appreciated (:

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