Making photographs is a skill I picked up a few years ago as an extension of my desire to tell stories. I primarily shoot on the streets wherever I travel. Through my pictures, I seek to reify the way we see the world around us and, with hope, make our transient relationships more concrete.

Here’s a link to a mini solo exhibition in 2009 called “Homeless/Faceless” at the Geylang Public Library. Homeless/Faceless was part of “The Photographers’ Stories“, an exhibition of work by 24 photographers at the National Library, curated by Chris Yap. The link to the album on Facebook is here. Chris Yap’s website is here.

While I prefer to shoot on film working with a combination of a Leica M, Olympus XA and a Rolleiflex and develop my own film and make my own prints, time constraints and the ubiquity of the iPhone have made me into an Instagrammer. Look me up as “timnga” on Instagram if you’d like to see what I get up to with my iPhone.

One comment on “photography

  1. Tan Beng Tian says:

    Keep me posted about the exhibition 🙂

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