A host or Master of Ceremonies (Emcee/MC) or Compere is a person who keeps an event or show moving, introduces performers or speakers and connects with the audience.

Truth is, Emcees these days are a bit of a commodity and it’s sometimes hard to differentiate one from another in terms of value. How do you decide if this host or Emcee is worth paying that much more than the other guy/girl? That said, Timothy won’t be the right fit for everyone, but here’s what he can offer:

He is an experienced television presenter. Here are some of the programs that he’s presented:

Urban Escape (Mediacorp 5) – a lifestyle program about things to do, things to eat and places to go in Singapore

Public Insight (Mediacorp 5) – a business program focusing on local public listed companies

What’s Your Position? (Channel News Asia) – an educational investment program for the man on the street

He’s interviewed a myriad of people, from rock-climbers and coffee-shop proprietors to senior managers at multi-national firms in various industries. Both scripted and on the fly. He thinks fast on his feet and can translate that verbally. He also has the ability to distill complex concepts into everyday language. Which brings us to his next skill.

Timothy also works as a Content Delivery Consultant, which is a fancy name for a guy who helps businesses and speakers to tell their story to a “live” audience with the greatest impact. In conferences with organizations like Hewlett-Packard Asia and SKF AB, Tim has worked with senior management, corporate communications and product teams to weave together a simple, cohesive and memorable story that is inspiring and impactful.

This ability to galvanize various groups and stakeholders leads us to his next skill. Tim works easily with any team in making every event he works on a success, whether it be a full-fledged event management company, or an in-house team who are running an event for the first time.

Tim is also great with intimate events of less than 30 people, huge events with delegates in the thousands and most things in between, including social tea events, product launches, parties, dinners, conferences and seminars, and even weddings. And he travels well. He’s hosted events in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and in major cities in China.

In a nutshell, you will get a host who is articulate, thinks on his feet, can talk business, and will connect quickly and credibly with speakers, performers, and most importantly, the audience, large or small, regardless of culture. All with a touch of class and a sense of humour. Because people learn best when they laugh.

If you’d like to meet to see how you can work together, get in touch with him here.

Tim Nga - Futuregov Awards

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